Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Paradox of Hipsterism

Yeah, I'm doing another oh-no-this-will-rip-the-space-time-continuum-apart post. Maybe we should make it a regular thing. The post, I mean, not ripping the Space-Time Continuum apart. I think maybe I will. Mainly because I really like using the word paradox.

Anyway, once again, a deadly force is silently scratching away at the fabric of space, more deadly than any other. Well, for now, anyway. Maybe this is intentional, maybe no one has noticed. Maybe no one cares. Probably that. But truly I say to you: Hipsterism will tear a gaping hole in the fabric of space. Why? Because hipsterism in itself is a paradox.

Here's what I think, not that you would particularly care: Hipsters, by definition, do things before they are cool. They are the trendsetters. Ahead of their time. Right? Ergo, hipsters aren't cool yet. They're not in style yet, because they're ahead of their time. So, we can conclude that Hipsters aren't cool.

And yet, our very culture tells us differently. Hipsters are highly praised, the subject of much adulation. If you are a Hipster, you are cool, because Hipsters are in right now. Many try to attain Hipster status.

So, Hipsters are both cool and not cool at the same time. There's your paradox. Cheers.